The battlefield erupted in chaos and the enemy seemed scattered. The King took advantage of the enemies confused state which only prolonged the war, with such confusion the enemy was not even sure which direction to route in as they were surrounded. Chaos ensued and the enemy was cut down as they began to flee in all directions a manner akin only to true chaos.

1) What was your outlook going into the war?
Outlook going into the war was confident. they had waved us earlier in the age when they had a nw advantage, and even attacked into our last war, so this throw down was well overdue.

2) How many Dragons and which type were sent by each side?
I can't even remember all the dragons at this point, it got pretty ridiculous lol. we were just about to send our 5th or 6th dragon by the end of it, i think they were on 2

3) Which rituals were used by each side?
With such a long war its tough to keep track of the ones we kicked it off with. i remember expropriation and onslaught near the start/middle, but we focused on stalwart at the end the beatdown, when we needed that extra edge to rush to double nw

4) How did your kingdoms race/class choices benefit you this war?
We have a very active core of attackers, mostly ud/av tact, that were able to keep it armies in/out steady for the full 10 days. our special ops division is mostly fae, and with good coordination from our monarch they had constant updated targets for face melting

5) What was your outlook at MINTIME?
Outlook at mintime was thinking for sure they were gonna wd. we were closing up to almost +1k acres a day right from the get go. they still had some solid offense on the board staying active, and some strong t/ms but the number difference was pretty clear

6) How did you feel about your enemies choice of attackers and TM combos?
Their combos seemed fine but the coordination to keep our growing provs from becoming unbreakable cash cows just wasn't there

7) Why do you think they withdrew?
It became clear we were gonna get the double nw within another day, and i think they wanted to get another wave in elsewhere before ooa

8) Do you have any advice for the enemy, or anything to say to them?
They need to diversify who they're attacking instead of just chaining the same 3 provs for the entire war. for attacks we had 1451 to their 1271, so obviously the couple hundred extra slammers served fresh by our attack dept didn't hurt, but its also the spread. 510 of their attacks, or 40%, were against the same 3 provs all war, compared to our 33% against their top 3 most attacked guys. that would have been an extra 89 attacks they could have used to even out land exchange, had they done the same ratio. also we layed hands on every single one of them with at least 10 hits, most over the 20-40 range, whereas we had 4 guys go completely untouched to become mega cash cows

9) Any shout outs to your team?
Haha yeah def got a few. first off mad props to our monarch plowbeast, and council terror and goldspider, for keeping the chain targets fresh and crispy all war. they even had a separate section for t/m chains, it kind of felt like clocking into work everyday to see what the daily chores would be. for our attackers tarnhill, olko, bluejab, and yellow road, who made truly ridiculous amounts of unique attacks (i was in/out the whole time and they all have me beat by at least 10), our caster crew humility, astral, xaero, and operation, they kept the intel brand new around the clock, and by the end were killing 22k pez in a tick on fb runs, not to mention dropping every unbreakable they had to chain range within hours of focus fire sessions, and lastly I got to give huge props to my guy prime, who absolutely broke the game mechanics with his battle faery in a way i never thought possible, all while pretty much solo funding a dragon every other day

10) Any Final thoughts?
Final thoughts was this was a pretty fun war to end the age with. we were obviously frustrated at first when we saw they were trying to drag it out to prevent the win, but once we saw it could be doable we all rallied around the "double up" vibe
also this war went on for so long it felt like part of my daily routine. morning coffee feels weird without looking through targets on 4:2 lol

Total attacks made: 1,452 (96,764 acres)
-- Traditional march: 1,195 (86,948 acres)
-- Ambush: 131 (7,869 acres)
-- Conquest: 42 (1,947 acres)
-- Raze: 39 (0 acres)
-- Massacre: 29 (65,301 population)
-- Failed: 16 (1.1% failure)
-- Uniques: 495
Total attacks suffered: 1,271 (86,723 acres)
-- Traditional march: 1,139 (84,178 acres)
-- Ambush: 38 (2,545 acres)
-- Raze: 63 (0 acres)
-- Massacre: 3 (899 population)
-- Failed: 28 (2.2% failure)
-- Uniques: 405

Well played!