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Thread: Age 89 Power Charts

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    Age 89 Power Charts

    Here we go...

    I think I included most the assumptions on the left-hand side of the charts, but if they are unclear just ask away!

    'none' is an all 10pt spec build with no racial bonuses, etc

    Human+Faery are assumed to have hit FoK 24/7, and have 25% extra books, as well as SI active. Other racial spells like TW, GW, BL, etc are in there too.

    Elf and Faery have lower raw W/T values, equal to their bonus.

    Human rune production target is 20% higher than the others.

    I assumed +2 Elite Off, no def bonus for Attackers, and +2 def on TM elites, which only effects Faery.

    Peasant-Baron/Peasant-Count, as well as the TW figures are meant to refer to BoA and 'w/ Sci' stats

    .... I skipped DE because I am lazy as all hell
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