Kingdom and Position?
3:4 Deleted monarch

How would you rate you overall experience this age?

What impacted your experience the most?
Eoa deletion

What was your strategy for your attackers?
Aiao easy

What was your strategy for your TMs?
We are more on Econ control

What was your strategy for your hybrids?
Depend on opponent setup. For hybrid , we can't tell until we get all the info about our enemy

What was your favorite ritual and dragon combination for war?
Onslaught and emerald

How many wars did you have and how did your setup work well for you?

What are your thoughts on the conversion mechanics?
Is very overpowered if u know how to play it well. The sustain is pretty sick

Is there something you would change about UTOPIA?
Need more consistency with admin team

Would you like to say something to your kingdom?
Thank for all the support and effort u put in this age. Appreciate

Do you have any advice for the community?
Build fort,gs and more Def when u get chained

Any Final Thoughts?

Thank you very much ATLAS ! We look forward to seeing you in Age 89!