Kingdom and Position?
Hipmunks, 9:11

How would you rate you overall experience this age?

What impacted your experience the most?
Piggggggg leading. He kept a relaxed, yet serious style of leading. I really liked it. An example would be that he didn't stress about us or the other kingdom having advantages and just wanted to take the fight, but once we were in the fight we'd fight it out as hard as we could.

What was your strategy for your attackers?
Our hard attackers were just there to survive long enough to smash what they can and secure all other combos we had. We didn't tank them up but rather opened them up to serve them up as first targets for the enemy in every war.

What was your strategy for your TMs?
High defense and try to overpower the enemy T/Ms

What was your strategy for your hybrids?
"We constantly changed our strategy for hybrids. Didn't really have a single plan.
But they were never turtles. We constantly used them as attackers as well and they sent out every wave. There wasn't a case of keeping them home to turtle up."

What was your favorite ritual and dragon combination for war?
"This age it would have to be Benediction + Emerald to outslug the enemy

Problem is that we never had the gold to push that Emerald out which would have always been the best for us."

How many wars did you have and how did your setup work well for you?
"We had 4 wars this age. Out of which we fought on equal ground in 2 or 3 wars and with a bunch of disadvantages in 1 war. So I am not counting that one as our setups fault.
The setup was mostly designed to be fun. We didn't stress about competing this age or being the best. We used a bunch of gnome rogues simply because people like playing hybrid rogues and in that sense I think it work superb"

What are your thoughts on the conversion mechanics?
"I both love it and hate it.

I hate it for the fact that you wave and don't lose any NW since you convert a bunch of troops while the enemy only loses NW and can whine out of conflict since you're now 5-10% bigger in NW even tho you started equal.

In every other aspect I like it really much."

Is there something you would change about UTOPIA?

Would you like to say something to your kingdom?
Guys I love you so much and let's continue taking any and every war we can!

Do you have any advice for the community?
Don't hold grudges and don't be afraid to war the best.

Any Final Thoughts?

Thank you very much Hipmunks ! We look forward to seeing you in Age 89!