Kingdom and Position?
Ascension - Part of leadership council

How would you rate you overall experience this age?

What impacted your experience the most?
Forced Ceasefires has ruined the game. Experience within kingdom - 10. Gameplay - 1. Never have played where the only in-game diplo is "sorry we're not looking for a war" and then they go war someone else. So boring. Is like utopia-lite...something that resembles real utopia but is worse in every way possible.

What was your strategy for your attackers?
Hit stuff.

What was your strategy for your TMs?
Mage Stuff and then sometimes theif stuff.

What was your strategy for your hybrids?
Hit stuff and then sometimes mage stuff or theif stuff.

What was your favorite ritual and dragon combination for war?
Stalwart/Ruby was usually opening play for us. Benediction imba af. Had 11 mystics/4 heretics so used midwar Saph pretty often.

How many wars did you have and how did your setup work well for you?
Six wars. Setup was solid. Lost a yr2 war vs CoL with fae/mystic hybrids versus undead clerics that was painful; t/ms and hybrids not established at all.

What are your thoughts on the conversion mechanics?
Have been trying to convert our heterosexual players for long time with no success. DM dick picks has not been working but I wont stop trying.

Is there something you would change about UTOPIA?

Would you like to say something to your kingdom?
I do everyday.

Do you have any advice for the community?
For every round of utopia you play take two rounds off. Some of y'all are due for a long break. Take it. You wont regret it. Seriously.

Any Final Thoughts?
Beware of Emeriti spies. They're infiltrating kingdoms everywhere. Wondering if your new recruit is one of these spies? The answer is yes. Only use in-game recruiting.

Thank you very much Ascension! We look forward to seeing you in Age 89!