Name, Kingdom and Position?
Shadow, GhettoVets, Founder

How would you rate you overall experience this age?

What impacted your experience the most?
We apparently had multiple kds out to stop us from crowing this age including razes into our war. It made for a nice change of pace especially since we were able to overcome those nuances.

How does it feel to win the land crown on your province three ages in a row? (B2B2B!)
Itís a relief to be done with that goal and able to return to just finding new strategies to play around with.

What was your strategy and how did you kingdom help you out?
Strategy is that you canít do it without the support of the kd. Also, having a baby is helpful. You score extra points with the spouse when you volunteer every time the baby wakes up during the night. Really was a win win win.

What factors were important when you chose your race/pers?
Desire to play the chosen combo. You have to be motivated to prove your selection works. All three ages were played very differently. dw/ar, orc/wa, then dw/my

Did your selection work as well as you wanted it to?
I wouldnít have this interview if they didnít. With the orc age, there was no intention to go for prov crown. When it happened anyway we decided to try for something that had never been done before with the b2b2b.

Is there a reason you were the only to grow to 15k acres, why?
The bigger you get the fewer the options to grow. Available resources dictate who and when anyone gets to grow.

What are your thoughts on the conversion mechanics?

Is there something you would change about UTOPIA?
This is a group based strategy game. Changing game mechanics specifically to remove undesirable strategy also removes player base. Player retention, recruitment and modernization will go a long way to make Utopia great again.

Would you like to say something to your kingdom?
Yeah. Thanks for letting me use and abuse all of you. Skraz also pushed me to try and go big three ages ago when I was about to quit so his thank you is hereby retracted.

Do you have any advice for the community?

Any Final Thoughts?
Good luck to the next player and/or kd who decide to set a new Utopia record.

Thank you GV and Shadow! We hope to see you in Age 89!