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Thread: AGE 89 - Yr2 War - 6:11 vs 9:1 (DE HEAVY)

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    Exclamation AGE 89 - Yr2 War - 6:11 vs 9:1 (DE HEAVY)

    There was a lot of speculation about the true power of the Dark Elf heavy kingdoms, as one of the kingdoms holding the highest count of DE 9:1 like the others has been having trouble finding war. Very quickly the rune production gap is closing as the warring kingdoms carve their way to the top of the charts. So far only 6:11 has been brave enough to take on so early in the age and it paid off!

    I spoke to the Monarch (6:11) and several of the war contributors,

    What is your name and kingdom?
    Count from Team Count AH AH AH

    What made you want to attempt what the community was dubbing the impossible war?
    I had been doing waves and war this age so far. Went to bed with wave planned next day. Woke up to another LC spending all kingdom runes on RIT and us going to war over 4 learns. AH AH AH

    How was your initial outlook going into WAR?
    Leadership divided, one guy was extremely drunk, but barrier was cast so we decided to YOLO. Worst case get out after 2 days. AH AH AH

    What was the hardest part about the Dark Elves?
    The Dementors AH AH AH

    Many in the community speculated cleric would be a best choice with Tactician a close second, how well did your tacticians perform?
    Either choice Dark Elf will melt through. Tacts just cast CS and pray. But the extra wave after a couple days from tact, we thought came in handy. AH AH AH

    What dragons and rituals were used by your kingdom?
    Topaz Topaz. Barrier Barrier AH AH AH

    When you reached MINTIME did you feel more confident, why?
    Yeah after the initial Thanos snap we expected at start we were still hanging in there. At mintime we resolved to never hit button and we became pretty frothy for the W AH AH AH

    How do you feel about Dark Elf, is it worth it or a trap and why?
    No dark elf is great AH AH AH

    Overall how well did your team perform?
    We did great. Much whining at the OP Dark Elves for a few days, but we all rallied nicely. AH AH AH

    Is there anything you would like to say to the enemy?
    Superb opponent, they will do well in age. AH AH AH

    Is there anything you would like to say to the community?
    Great getting all these invites for war against people sitting in pump mode for 4 weeks and double our size AH AH AH

    What are your plans for when you leave cease fire?
    We pump man, we've had a total of 12hours not in war this age AH AH AH

    How has the auto fill mechanic impacted your kingdom?
    We had 23 at start. one guy asked if he could stay but choose name and choose race/personality. We said AH AH AH AH get out. 2nd guys we got from recruit page, he back after some years. He is already better than every other idiot here.

    Any shout outs to your team?
    Two shoutouts. First to our 3% factor we have in our kingdom. 3% of the time anything can happen. And second to no one intra-hitting x5 during war, they learned from last war AH AH AH

    Wonderful Counts! Thank you so much!

    Data from 6:11

    For the time from January 5 of YR2 till April 23 of YR2 - 91 hours
    [ - Seraphim online formatter ]

    Summary **
    Total attacks made: 586 (18,058 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 464 (17,616 acres)
    -- Ambush: 7 (409 acres)
    -- Conquest: 3 (33 acres)
    -- Raze: 33 (4353 acres)
    -- Massacre: 66 (38,064 population)
    -- Failed: 13 (2.2% failure)
    -- Uniques: 185
    Total attacks suffered: 504 (16,957 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 476 (16,786 acres)
    -- Ambush: 7 (171 acres)
    -- Raze: 7 (842 acres)
    -- Massacre: 9 (14,343 population)
    -- Failed: 5 (1% failure)
    -- Uniques: 168
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