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Thread: AGE 89 - Yr3 War - Banana Republic(3:9) vs Shameless(4:10)

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    AGE 89 - Yr3 War - Banana Republic(3:9) vs Shameless(4:10)

    Today we talk about Banana Rebublic, not the store it is a kingdom in utopia! They have some familiar faces that we have come to know and love around MUGA and they are making their mark on the war scene. Let us see what they have to say about their 9 day war with Shameless!

    What is your name and kingdom?
    JCole, Steward of Banana Republic.

    How was your initial outlook going into WAR?
    I initiated the wave against against 4:10 as they looked to be in war builds and our military numbers were very similar. We had other options, but decided their set-up would be easiest to manage compared to our other option at the time. We had been waving for a couple days and kept getting CF's, if we didn't land war soon it would make for a boring next week. Glad they responded to our wave which we baited with some of our larger guys not taking land. War was declared on May 24, Yr2.

    What was your plan to deal with their undead attackers?
    Honestly, we didn't worry much about the undead as we knew they could be handled at any point in the war. We let their offenses wear out and controlled their economy. At one point I think we were down about 3k acres however that land was there for the taking when we needed so we continued to focus on controlling their population more than their size. Early on we focused on their higher offenses by chaining, but after a few days their offenses had dwindled... poor undead don't know how to do medicine ya'know.

    What dragons and rituals were used by your kingdom?
    We went into the war with a Havoc ritual and a Stalwart ritual on deck, 4:10 had begun a sapphire dragon which we anticipated their heretics would use with a NM wave and their Undead were equipped with Godspeed and an Onslaught ritual on deck. We responded with a Topaz dragon to decrease their economy and building modifiers. On May 24 Yr 3 we launched a Benediction ritual, our enemies onslaught ritual was still active however expired shortly after.

    In total they sent 5 dragons and we sent 6 dragons, mostly Topaz by both sides.

    When you reached MINTIME how was your outlook?
    At min time our numbers were just as similar as they had been when we started. We knew this was going to be a long war, we stayed neck and neck for about 6 days before we felt we were gaining an advantage.

    How well did your avian attackers perform?
    Much love to our avians, don't think we've crunched the numbers for uniques etc but they had a long 9 days of AIAO, and being clerics they did great keeping us protected with spells.

    Overall how well did your TM's perform?
    Our T/M's won this war. We had to adapt our t/m's and a couple hybrids during the war to change their tpa's, builds, sciences, and extreme coordination. We were able to have a couple of our guys in a position to take out their rogues and mystics via ops. This ultimately secured our win as they would not be able to keep unbreakables any longer. 4:10 surrendered the war on Jan 5, Yr4.

    Is there anything you would like to say to the enemy?
    It was an honor warring 4:10. Like I mentioned, this war was neck-and-neck for about a week. Would love to war with them again one day.

    Is there anything you would like to say to the community?
    Don't wave us.

    What are your plans for when you leave cease fire?
    Enjoy the holidays, give ourselves a little break, catch up on sleep, and get ready for the next battle once we are recharged.

    Any shout outs to your team?
    We have a handful of leaders who work well together, bounce ideas, and there were more than a few people who made correct strategical decisions to allow us to win. However, HD gets the big shout-out for his dedication in being our primary war leader and strategist in this one.

    Thank you and Enjoy the rest of your age!
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