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Thread: Age 89: War between Evil Hipmunks and Elitist Jerks

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    Age 89: War between Evil Hipmunks and Elitist Jerks

    Good Evening All,

    I am sorry for being slow on this article but here we are, better late than never I suppose. We have a war between Evil Hipmunks and Elitist Jerks where the war got away from EJ. I had the opportunity to speak with each kingdom. Hipmunks are now 5/5 for the age, number 1 for honour and chasing land and networth in 2nd right now.

    Speaking with Hipmunks, this is what they had to say:

    After our War with Ascension we knew there were only 2 options next, war Jerks or b2b Ascension. I shot a PM to the monarch of Jerks to gauge interest and got a positive reply pretty fast. We had agreement on a land cap and no ops before war and to start hostilities each kingdom would do 5 hits after which the lower networth gives button.

    Warring all those Dark Elves with free spells made for an interesting war. As we had a no ops till war agreement, it meant we would be facing a lot of ops all at once at the start of the war. We went for a Barrier ritual to dampen the hits and chose to send an Emerald immediately before starting our hits. During the war the strategy revolved mostly around timed SW on their Heretics to try and limit the NM’s and tickly ET on their Rogues to limit their damage. With regards to chains we combined hits on rogues with chaining their offensive provinces.

    As we had a lot of GC coming from out of our EOWCF we could afford to send a hostile dragon and fund a new one immediately. Jerks decided to tank the hostile dragon and when they did decide to slay on day 2, we could send our second dragon immediately. We decided to slay the dragons on us, which we could also afford with the TM defense that we had as Dark Elf is lacking in offensive power. We had some issues, as expected, to keep all that free mana and rogue stealth at bay but the damage that was done was still manageable. After having an Emerald dragon on them for most of their outgoing and incoming waves, Jerks were in a bad spot. They stocked up mana for a last hurrah and even though we SW’d the ticks before min time, they managed to LL a lot (>900 acres on me for instance!)

    I enjoyed the war as it was our first time facing a DE kingdom and it gave us a lot to think about with regards to how they would approach us in war. Although Hipmunks famously has more people in leadership than in the core, most of the heavy lifting in this war was done by Dax and Starsfan so a big thank you to those two!

    Feedback from Elitist Jerks on the war:

    It was an agreed war with agreed land caps. We land capped at 72k while Hipmunks held at 69k. No ops till war and after each kingdom hitting 5 times, the condition was to declare war ASAP.

    Our focus was on the heretics as we knew they would be a problem. Given this was an arranged war, we broke the server and ops kept failing. Many of our rogues were ET'd before they could complete the AW run we were planning after declaring. They had a huge raw power advantage plus their science was pretty solid. Our WPAs held up but their barrier ritual prevented us from cutting through as we had hoped on NM. The turtled on the opening wave too, thus we were trying to NM a target down from substantial DEF and even with NM we weren’t able to triple or quad tap. It was an uphill battle as expected, but we wanted to fight the best and we have this age.

    Shoutout to Tadpole for being a sexy beast!

    War Summary

    ** Kingdom news report **
    For the time from June 2 of YR5 till January 3 of YR6 - 50 hours
    [ - Seraphim online formatter ]

    ** Summary **
    Total attacks made: 198 (32,052 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 191 (31,394 acres)
    -- Ambush: 6 (642 acres)
    -- Conquest: 1 (16 acres)
    -- Uniques: 87
    Total attacks suffered: 133 (15,639 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 115 (14,831 acres)
    -- Ambush: 11 (808 acres)
    -- Raze: 3 (0 acres)
    -- Failed: 4 (3% failure)
    -- Uniques: 66

    ** The kingdom of 7:6 **
    Total land exchanged: +16,413 (198/133)
    +2,154 The Borg Queen Amidala (11/0)
    +1,938 Jean-Luc Ackbar (14/6)
    +1,670 Beam me up Obi (15/2)
    +1,479 The Borg Strike Back (8/3)
    +1,437 Luc Skywalker (11/2)
    +1,434 Pikylo Rencard (6/0)
    +1,368 Prosper and live long you will (10/4)
    +1,335 Qui-Gon Jim Kirk (6/0)
    +1,275 Wrath of Jarjar (7/0)
    +1,220 Live long with the force (13/2)
    +982 Geordi El Force (17/5)
    +943 The Warp Light Speed (6/1)
    +759 The Cardassian (8/2)
    +455 Borg Storm troopers (13/4)
    +203 Han Sulu (7/6)
    -598 Galactic Latinum Creds (16/46)
    -738 Darth Spock (14/23)
    -903 Use the force Harry (16/27)

    ** The kingdom of 7:3 **
    Total land exchanged: -16,413 (133/198)
    +1,237 No quarter (10/2)
    +848 An honorable death for you (6/0)
    +713 In anger set sail for revenge (9/3)
    +401 No Mercy (7/3)
    +377 But we would not run (6/2)
    +356 For justice and (10/3)
    +314 For the cowards to come (5/2)
    +289 I would savor the moment (9/3)
    +199 We waited together (6/3)
    +128 Now lower the cannons (9/6)
    +54 Feed half to sharks (10/3)
    +51 And the rest to the flies (1/0)
    -408 The whole world will see (0/1)
    -422 And kill you twice (0/1)
    -1,082 The battle begins (0/4)
    -1,478 Would be too nice (0/5)
    -1,602 Turned her into the wind (0/6)
    -1,694 We weighed anchor (5/11)
    -1,712 Outgunned and outnumbered (8/19)
    -1,823 We will rattle the sabers (0/9)
    -2,108 They will pay for the sins (7/20)
    -2,164 Hoisted the canvass (7/26)
    -2,180 For the tyrants demise (3/23)
    -2,220 Now off with their heads (3/17)
    -2,487 We will hang em high (12/26)

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    I would be interested to see how much that land gains/loss chances with the amount of LL that was done! I for sure didnt end up 2k acres in the plus ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjippe View Post
    I would be interested to see how much that land gains/loss chances with the amount of LL that was done! I for sure didnt end up 2k acres in the plus ;-)
    Munk could tell you. Go find the info and report back for us.

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