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Thread: Age 89: War Attitude vs. Farewell Mr Bond

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    Age 89: War Attitude vs. Farewell Mr Bond

    Farewell Mr Bond 8:6 also say farewell to their war with Attitude 7:4 who claimed the win.

    There were some really good responses so I am going to keep the article a little bit split to reflect the responses directly from each kingdom to the questions I had asked each of them.

    Spending some time with the leadership of Farewell Mr Bond, below are the answers I received:

    Q. How did the war start? Agreed or wave?

    I would have to say neither. After we got into our EOWCF from the previous war, we got a message from Attitude asking for war. I couldn't commit to a war given that I had no idea where my kingdom or their kingdom would be. I said we might be interested and asked when they would want to start war. They said when ever we wanted. OOP they hit our big Faery Rogue 1x, so we took a look at intel and it looked like a decent match. I told them if they wave now we would war, but if they are going to be poking at our TMs and drag out a hostile, we were not interested in a war.

    Our strategy was a pocket expropriation ritual that we were casting on while we had onslaught up and running. We also wanted to minimize the hostile time as you never know when three kingdoms are going to wave you. We didn't get anywhere with Attitude and their response was:

    "Try jumping into another war and see what happens. I got nothing else to do"

    I spoke with some other Monarchs who said they would raze wave 7:4 if they interfered in any war, so went looking for another war, while exchanging a couple hits on each others TMs with Attitude. 6:11 was also dealing with a kingdom that didn't respect no for an answer, and we eventually agreed to war.

    However, about two hours before we were going to wave 6:11 and almost just as we were agreeing to war, (6:11 was also afraid of dragon/oow hits from another kingdom so it took some time) Attitude did a full wave. Our leadership had a discussion, whether to ask 6:11 to wave us or take the war with Attitude. I personally wanted to move forward with 6:11 but the majority were in favor of 7:4. We had funded a dragon and had the button, so I can see their point but personally prefer avoiding warring rude kingdoms.

    Q. Did you have a particular focus or strategy for the war?

    We had to adjust a strategy as their hostile broke our strategy. We intended to choke them on economy. We focused on removing acres to choke out peons hitting mostly their TMS and heretics early while fireballing the attackers.

    Q. What do you feel went well and/or badly?

    What went particularly bad for us was their small undead running plunder hits out of war into a farm kingdom (9:5). We had choked out their peons pretty well at the start of the war and held a large acre, peon, and unit lead; but they held on and dragged out the conflict until they could plunder enough to get the dragon off. The low NW on the prov made it slow going for us to incapacitate it. Eventually we had that prov as well as a few others rather useless but they got out offense down enough to secure a handful of UB mystics, and had beat up our rogues pretty good. The out of war hits they made kept them in the war that they had otherwise already lost hard. We also had the setback when 3:5 did their "protest raze kills" and they targeted three of the provs we had disabled. 7:4 hobbled on, the dragon funded with the plunders had wiped our unit lead clean, then those three provs got a new start to sit pumping solds and gc with impunity. When they threw another dragon up and dumped those soldiers they got a few more UBS, this time with offense.

    I had proposed withdrawing while we were ahead, but others doubted the dragon was going to come. I dropped campaigning for a WD while we were up when they did a huge massacre run on us. At that time our TMs were wrecked and at that acreage there was no way we could be competitive for another war so we went with the all or nothing route.

    Q. Anything you really enjoyed about the war?

    I liked their banner taunt game, the layers of irony are subtle. My favorite was the combined farming, you would think the implication would be that they were farming us but ironically I sat there looking at my guys with 3500+ that they just failed time and time again to keep down, thinking I wish they would farm us, so that we would be healthy for another war. However, even though we gave them more than enough time to get the job done they didn't seem to have it in them. We ended barely bellow what we had started with.

    Q. Any comments for the kingdom?

    This is our first age as a kingdom as we completed a merger. It's been a rough start, so I appreciate the way everyone has come together to figure it out. A war like this could end a new kingdom before it really gets on its feet, so my thanks to everyone for being warriors.

    Q. Any shout outs?

    My main shoutout is to Shake Rattle and Roll who in the first wave of war forgot to swap KD # and intra hit his own mystic instead of ours, burning 400 acres and having 20 incoming. Also to Cross Face Chicken wing for being the only one in the KD I spoke with who wasn't a raging douche. Seems like a normal person.

    I also spent some time with the leadership of Attitudeand below is what they had to say:

    Q. How did the war start? Agreed or wave?


    FEBRUARY YEAR ZERO. 7:4 proposes war with 8:6, but they declined. A few ticks later while we are hostile with another kd, these roody poo kandy ass jabronis: 8:6 - IN ALLLLLLLL OF ITS INFINITE WISDOM - they decide to wave THE. PEOPLE’S. CHAMPIONS.

    We made a note to visit them later in the age, BECAUSE WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!!!

    Q. Any interesting conditions for the war? Any terms agreed on?

    We had just finished collecting our fourth war win from 8:10, and were waiting for the next set of jabronis. Two weeks after our eowcf, we recognized that 8:6 were exiting their fight, and we set our eyes on LAYING THE SMACKETH DOWN ON ALLLLLLL THEIR KANDY ASSES. The monarchs spoke, but 8:6s monarch went radio silent, so we began to provoke. Foreshadowing, maybe, because they were about to REST IN PEACE... They took the fight, and they started the war higher in Every. Single. Metric. But the bigger they are: the harder they fall.

    Q. Did you have a particular focus or strategy for the war?

    TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS. Most of our kd members don't even know we have an orders channel in Ventrilo. SO WHAT’CHA GONNA DO, BROTHERRRRR. Have a Steveweiser.

    Q. What do you feel went well and/or badly?

    Everything went according to plan. We had some mid-war policing and 3 of our provinces were razed, but IT DOESN’T MATTER. Those unfortunate souls have 30,000 people calling them monkey crap, BUT DON’T WORRY 3:5, IT’LL BE OKAY. ONE DAY YOU WILL GROW UP AND HAVE HUSTLE, LOYALTY, AND RESPECT YOU BUNCH OF FRUITY PEBBLES.

    Q. Anything you really enjoyed about the war?

    We appreciated how they really dragged out the war. It really gave us the opportunity to farm the ever living out of them. Honor, land… Just like the Godfather’s ho train, it all came back. If there’s one piece of advice, it’s KNOW YOUR ROLE, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH. There was some HIGH QUALITY, EXTRA PREMIUM, TOP SHELF, ANCIENT HIMALAYAN NaCl in the War Forum. AND WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, OCTOPUSSY.

    Q. Any comments for the kingdom?

    We just proved that without a shadow of a doubt 8:6 doesn’t have what it takes anymore. They sit there and stomp their feet over some -80% out of war plunders from a 400a province, but one province alone doesn’t explain their loss. THE BOTTOM LINE IS KANDY 3:16 SAYS WE JUST WHIPPED YOUR ASS. Next age they can try and dig back some of that courage and pride. IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAOWWWW WHAT 7:4 IS COOKIN’!!!

    Q. Any shout outs?

    Val Venis sends a big shout out to Octopussy (8:6), he gave us some great laughs, but his mom does that thing with her tongue.

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