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Thread: Personality: Druid

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    Personality: Druid

    A standard troupe class, but totally missing from Uto. Be nice to add this in the standard personality lineup (as a perm personality not as a floater)

    Too much ideas.. ill leave ideas for the admin and other community folks.

    My only suggestion is that ditch honor for something else so their honor is always at 0 (well give them a different name being technically they are not pedants...), or maybe a set honor that cannot be raised or lowered. *shrugs*
    A outerworld vagabond Elf traveling this world.
    From the world of Thardferr, herald of the Eldar Elven Kingdoms
    Elven Roles sense Age 63: Sage, Mystic, Rogue, Tactician, Cleric, Merchant, Heretic, War Hero, Warrior, Paladin, Undead, Artisan, Raider

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    Could fit with the barren acres bonuses we see sometimes. Here's a template of random ideas.

    The Druid

    Barren acres are Groves
    Groves produce 50 bushels and 8 runes per tick
    Groves house 30 population and employ no one
    Double chance to cure plague (stacks with hospitals, applies to NB)
    +30% Birthrate
    Access to Thorns (increase enemy casualties on defense by 15%)
    +15% Economy and Arcane Arts Science Book Production
    Starts with Something Something

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