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Thread: Strategy Corner by FFW: A Look At Undead

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    Strategy Corner by FFW: A Look At Undead

    Statistically, Undead is one of the favorite race choices for an attacker in a warring kingdom. Today we analyze the strategy behind playing undead from the two best undead kingdoms of age 89. Our analysts today are CDob from Oldtimers and phoenix from Atlas.

    CDob leads Oldtimers which is the kingdom thought of as a dark horse of age 89 beat long standing prestigious kingdom SWEA in an eoa mintime war.

    phoenix comes from Atlas which is one of the top10 warring kingdoms in recent ages despite end of age controversies in the past 2 ages.

    Both kingdoms had the most successful run of age 89's undead kingdoms.

    Why would anyone pick Undead as an attacker?
    CDoB: We picked undead, as they seem very strong especially early. The plague worked well with our econ strategy. They also run a lot of off, which takes the target off our Hybrids
    phoenix: the true power of an undead if ran properly is speed and damage as well as plague which helps lower offences chain

    What is the best attacking personality to pair with Undead as a race?
    CDoB: Tactician... you want them hitting as often as possible. or strat was get the hits(and plague) as out there as possible. UDs have so much building space that they can get crazy quick attack times and maintain the off. Also being quicker mean less time to desert. Also the intel kept their TPA higher.
    phoenix: depends on the player I wouldn't use warrior on an undead. Tactician for extra speed boost and stick with base intel ops or war hero if u wish to capitalize on conversions

    What type of ritual is the best for undead kds and why?
    CDob: We just about always started with a Godspeed, for all the reasons above. Our pocket ritual was almost exclusively Benediction, getting land and then filling it quickly.
    phoenix: We used either Godspeed or Onslaught. Godspeed allows for faster return times which leads to more hits overall with your already high offence. Onslaught would allow additional offensive power to increase the number of hits you make every wave.

    Is Pitfalls and Bribe Generals necessary for undead kingdoms and why?
    CDob: Why wouldn't you use it? BG and PF is just free kills the times we didn't use it (intentionally) are few and far between.
    phoenix: PF helps increase defensive kills which helps undead kingdoms chain quicker with already high offensive capabilities. This allows undead provinces to lead the way in chaining.

    Is plague really that good and why?
    CDob: It is much better early age when runes are scarce. It gets worse as the age goes on, but it still takes mana to remove.
    phoenix: Plague is neither here nor there but when chaining a TM or high defensive target, the defensive drop it gives allows for more hits onto the target which makes the chain much more successful.

    What is a sample build for your choice of undead?
    CDob: A standard build was: tg: 20 | rax: 20 | gs: 20 | guilds: 8 | towers: 5 | wt: 10 | stables: 12 | dungs: 5
    phoenix: I average 20% TG |15% GS |15% Rax | 10% guild | 10% tower | 10% fort |15% stables | 5% dungeons
    FFW: I notice you don't have WTs, care to comment?
    phoenix:If against a TM heavy kd, drop forts to WT and you drop stables on war declare to WT and try your best to be army in and out to minimize horse losses
    FFW: Why do you run forts on an undead?
    CDob: What are Forts? But seriously, no run more GS or RAX.
    phoenix: Since an undead is mostly elites and you normally run with a base of 6 defense specs per acre, you would want forts for a higher defense home

    What is your science priority for your undeads?
    CDob: I would do the following:
    1: BE, Pop, OME
    2: Income, Gains
    3: DME
    4: Tpa, Wpa, Production
    5: Everything else
    6: Cunning, Ritual
    phoenix: All starting scientists should be assigned to economy, focus on population and next 3 to military

    FFW: Thanks both for contributing. I hope others aspiring kingdoms can benefit from your unique insight as to playing undead to the best of your ability.

    Editorial Corner
    Undead as an archetype is a high offence racial pick with attack time reduction being the most sought after complementary bonus. Atlas chooses to maximize offensive mods taking advantage of undead's innate high offence and paired it with speed to create a very scary combination that can chain effectively and quickly. Meanwhile, Oldtimers chose to push speed to the limits as undeads already have high offence and went with denying land to create an economic gap. Aspiring undead players should try to maximize the offensive advantages of undead as best possible when choosing them as your kingdom's attacker choice.
    Discord: FFW or Saptz#1738

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