Why I Stopped & Why You Should Keep Playing

I stopped playing Utopia because my personal idioms and motivations werenít compatible with the vast majority of the remaining kingdoms. I love the game. I played a different style because Iím an old school gamer and enjoyed my glory before the internet reached the masses.

In my time, playing paper & pencil, success became secondary to challenge. Things were had easy and things were lost hard, but it became clear that the easiest victories were the least memorable. From snail mail gaming to hand drawn maps I played for years and, through needing to win, to maturing and embracing the challenge. But this is also a drug.

When I started playing Utopia I didnít need to win, but I did need challenge.

This is a foreign concept to many younger players who have yet to know the confidence of winning. Knowing youíre in every fight isnít something you believe unless youíve been in the business of plan B for 40 years. - For those that donít understand that reference, itís that plan A never works, but you plan anyways. Plan B is GetíM!

When I started playing Utopia, fragmented wild kingdoms were abundant. I even found kingdoms with no monarch where players didnít even care, they just reveled in violent chaos. My curiosity was in my effectiveness as a player at every level, so I inevitably migrated up to see the strategy and tactics of the best kingdoms.

After years of conventional gaming my experience taught me to opt for speed - avian tac - because speed puts you in mechanical situations in quick succession. Thus, you retain game specific fundamentals and already know the weakness of being slow by sympathetic virtue of your targets. I learned quickly simply through translation.

Skipping the history, the ordered kingdoms - warring, whoring - were too confining to enjoy and the ghettos were too frightened to love a good fight. Personally, I stopped using bots because they seemed more a distraction than an aid. I shunned advanced com systems because they render an advantage I find unnecessary. I stopped random attacking to increase the challenges, so that when someone randomed me theyíd hit my whole army at home. I began to live off of retal vs the steepest challenges by preference. In other words, I would retal the most powerful kingdoms and prioritized my attention to the most likely to fight back.

When I occupied the more powerful kingdoms I found it impossible to motivate myself to hit down. In more casual kingdoms Iíd nearly sit out wars where we vultured. In organized kingdoms I reluctantly hit down and would abandon province as soon as a replacement could be recruited.

I want you to understand that I donít see others the way I see myself. Younger players may require validation and most players play by natures law. I have the luxury and the curse of victory to only enjoy challenge, but you may be able enjoy both. Utopia is a unique enough game that it caught my attention. It doesnít need to be modernized but Iíll leave that to the community to decide.

You can take the virtual kingdom as snake oil, and thatís fine. My main objective is to be a muse. It doesnít have to be my idea, but I want you to imagine whatís possible. Much of the strategy in the lower realm is cultural adhesion based in ideas born of good intentions. Nobody even knows why they do it, even with the advanced tools. You know exactly what youíre doing with a flawed vision and you never looked around. Look around and refresh your strategic mind.

When I went so far as to shun bots, com systems and retal the most powerful kingdoms hitting my army at home youíve got to ask yourself about what winning is. Fortify yourself to know that feeling of reeling in the best gaming memories.