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Thread: Can't Believe Utopia is STILL Around

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    Can't Believe Utopia is STILL Around

    Really miss playing this game, but my husband banned me from playing because it took up too much of my time...

    Played in college around '99 to '01-- We had the top thief KD in the world one round. Can't remember what round. Game got too competitive after that-- I was chained like 33-34 times in 20 hours and it killed all the fun. Took a break for a few years, and played again in whatever round was in June 2012 before the husband ban... pregnant monarch wasn't really my thing. Blah!

    Waxing nostalgic talking to someone about "the best game I ever played" and Utopia came up... and then explaining all the things just took me back. I'm surprised I still remember my forum password! Haha.

    Really had a lark with the last KD I was in. Met some really awesome players, several I'm still buddies with on FB.... had some super-fun times! Even did a bit of fan art based on a forum bit we did. Haha. Good times!

    The following image is the direct result of joking around in a text based war game I play called Utopia. I went visual on a conversation in the kingdom forums. The conversation that inspired this piece went something like this:
    Me: I would also like a pinup calendar of "the hot guys of (Our Kingdom)"... to hang on the wall in my throne room. BW could dress as a fireman! Hot, hot, hot! Woo! This undead loves the eye-candy that is elves.

    BW: BlackwaterXe rounds up the volunteer fire brigade and secretly sets fire to a local shanty for the perfect backdrop. Arriving the scene of the blaze in nothing more than boots, trousers, and a helmet, BlackwaterXe and the volunteer fire brigade await the arrival of the royal artists to come draw the grandeur of valor and heat.

    /me agrees to do ONLY the month of August

    Me: "Be still my beating heart! Is it getting hot in 'ere or is it just me?" Jadewik fans her face with her hand and feigns fainting. The queen quickly summons the royal artists, so they can capture the apex of the flames behind a muscular, sweat-soaked Blackwater.

    "... if only there WAS an August." Still, the queen remembered, there was always her private art collection....
    Sexy Fireman-Elf Draw-Ring

    Anywho- maybe one day the ban will be lifted and I can play again...

    All the best to those playin' this round!

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    Yep its kinda weird when your explaining a game that is 20+ years old, and you slip into utopia slang.

    Tried explaining how I got banged by 7 dragons because some guy from canada got the hots for a girl in RL and I stole her to sit a prov.

    In the end I was .... yeh its a utopian thing ;) was an awesome game with a crazy world wide social circle.

    Hello my fellow utopians hope life is great.
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    I somehow got sucked back in after vowing to quit. It’s one of those weird games that most people don’t get, but for the ones that do it definitely gets in your blood and doesn’t ever leave. Much like lead poising ��
    Player History

    -Returned in Age 55: "Happy Grasslands" Undead Cleric in WE KC (M)
    -Age 56: "Cortez the Killer" Elf Mystic in WE KC (M)
    -Age 57 1st Half: "KC March of the Penguins" Avian Warrior in WE KC (M)
    -Age 57 2nd Half: "Granny Smith" Halfling Rogue in TFC
    -Age 58: "A Horse With No Name - America" Halfling Rogue in HRS Partial (S)
    -Age 59 1st Half: "Birthday Cake Remix" Avian Cleric in HRS
    -Age 59 2nd Half: "Birthday Cake Remix" Avian Cleric in AC
    -Age 60 1st Half: "Beaver" Elf Mystic in AC (M)
    -Age 60 2nd Half: "I don t want" Undead Tactician in Allstars
    -Age 61: "trizzle my wizzle" Undead Tactician in Allstars
    -Age 62: "Tras19 is amazed by midgets" Dwarf Sage in Beastblood (CROWN x 2)
    -Age 63 yr 1-12: "To learn his Elfabet" Avian Merchant in Beastblood
    -Age 63 yr 12-14: "Thanks for the death Flogger" Orc Tactician in Beastblood
    -Age 64 yr 1-6: "Lust and Thrust" Halfling Rogue in PewPew
    -Age 65: "back yet again" Elf Merchant in Old Skool (M)
    -Return again in Age 67: "Whimsyton" Elf Merchant in the ghetto
    -Age 68 1st Half: "This Girl is on Shire" Halfling Rogue in The Shirish Mafia (M)
    -Return Yet Again in Age 76 2nd Half: "Happy Grasslands" Dark Elf Paladin in BOL
    -Age 77: "?" Human Sage in ? (M)

    Noteworthy Achievments

    *** Age 62: Books of War ... KD Land Crown and KD NW Crown Winner with Beastblood ***
    *** Was a member of The Faery Circle, yet have never played Faery ***
    *** Have never had a province die except once when I let Flogger province sit me for 24 hours in a war ***

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    I can't believe it either.

    I was around the same time as you. Think the last time i played was around 2002.

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    I've never played Utopia.
    I opened up an account several years ago but earth2025 took up too much of my time to get involved in another similar game. I've been retired from the Earth Empires game for a few years now and looking to get back into a text based game. Earth Empires is down to around 125 players so I'm thinking about trying out Utopia

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