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Thread: Looking for new blood

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    Looking for new blood


    We are a chilled KD, looking for some new blood.. if you like playing attacker, then step right up for a donation ;)
    If you like being a cleric, well, we'd like to introduce you to a nice KD with all the right s spots to be tickled
    In fact, if your new to the game, we can show you how to play, if you an old hand looking for something less "sweaty" than the try-hard KD's, we can always your the more experienced player :)

    We have discord linked to the game, so most comms is through discord now, but in game chat is fine.

    link me on discord Sillyknickers#1742 or ping me here.

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    Hey this is a great KD! We love to war and we don’t insist on a specific login time. Our WW record this age is 2/1 WITHOUT you! If you were here new friend, it would be 3/3. Were short an attacker who can army in/army out.if you join now, we’re fresh from a war win with tons of resources to aid you up and get you started quickly!

    As a member, you will enjoy team camaraderie with other active players. Experienced advice when needed. A drama free play place; we all get along very well. A voice in operations; we welcome advice and dissenting viewpoints. An active member of leadership “directing traffic” in chat during war, taking the guess work out of your attacks if you want to log in and out quickly. We have 3 slots available, and need to fill at least one.
    Long live Mehul!

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