Hi errybody!

Just checking in to see my old friends I havent spoken with in a while.

It's been a year and a half since Ive played and after a global pademic...im genuinely hoping everyone has been spared from any horrible medical issues due to COVID-19.

I wont bore y'all with anything that I am doing...just hope everyone I used to play with are safe and winning wars

I reflect my time here and appreciate the people I met...also wanted to let them know how each of their relationships with me was extremely meaningful.

Some people may take this game and its community for granted after so many years...but enjoy your time together while making your kingdom the best possible with the people that want to play with you

If anyone plays Playstation and has the following games...hit me up @ DonJuan5420 if you want to play with someone (*main games)

- NBA 2K20 park*
- NBA 2K21 park*
- GTA5 Online
- RDR2 Online
- COD WarZone
- Apex Legends*
- Fortnite

Peace y'all!