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Thread: Undead Strategy 2021

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    Undead Strategy 2021

    I am a returning player, and haven't played since 2004 ish. I was wondering if anyone could provide any tips for playing as undead. I am undead warrior and currently building mostly offensive. I have been trying to get to 1000 acres but keep getting attacked and reduced down to 800-900 acres.

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    Utopia changed a lot but still best strategy is to find first active kingdom and share same goals. Join Discord and look here for new KD.
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    You can generally base your undiplomatic acre potential on what the smallest acre top kingdom provinces hold. Diplomacy changes that, or being too dangerous to tangle with. They can always get them( your acres )but they have to either get them by proxy or take it themselves whilst toying with the meter.

    All pipes lead up where acres are concerned. Most kingdoms will bend knee to what they perceive as stronger kingdoms or alliances. Consider war kingdoms that want to remain in the heart of the war tier; they may even negotiate acre to gold exchanges.

    I speak as a player who opposed the acre system but from a friendly challenge perspective. I respected the top kingdoms because it takes a great deal of knowledge and dedication to campaign the entire age. I never attack unprovoked, but always retaliated against the most worthy opponent. This in turn made me a better player because the counter game against superior opposition honed my skills. I knew I would face both mighty kingdoms and proxies and built for it, regulated my sleep for it, and shaped my doctrine around it. I never offered a ceasefire but would accept one, offer one if asked, or as I preferred, just stop attacking each other and allow the meter to normalize over time.

    Have fun. I was never a huge acre holder, but I have exchanged attacks with 4 top kingdoms in the top 5 when I ran a solo province in a kingdom shell. If I was a better team player I’d still play, but I’m too aggressive when I sense a big kingdom is vulnerable and I’m not interfering with their age goals.

    PS Guard Stations, Barracks, Guilds..nobody believes in guilds, but I like having meter alternatives and an effective cast chance under duress. Build for where you’re going to be, not for where you are. This means you exaggerate the buildings that keep the fight in contention. Specific race builds are useful but being enigmatic is more useful. One of my best out of war builds was an undead sage. Being able to crush science with amnesia aloud me to conserve the meter and many opponents shrunk away immediately. Compound that with a learn attack and the enemy was beside himself. Lots of guys tell how they’d handle the situation but they don’t come knocking, lol. Learn sucks for everyone and if it doesn’t plague does for the rest.
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