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Thread: Congratulations to the Age 91 Crown Winners!

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    Congratulations to the Age 91 Crown Winners!

    Congratulations to the winning Kingdoms and Provinces of Age 91!

    Thank you to all who played in this round, we hope you enjoyed the age and will compete with us again next age!

    And here are the winners of this past age!

    Kingdom Winners
    Land: Emeriti (7:12)
    Networth: Emeriti (7:12)
    Honor: Atlas x Swea Vs The World (8:11)
    War Wins: Templars (3:10)

    Province Winners
    Land: Peetah (7:12) from the Kingdom of: Emeriti (7:12)
    Networth: Peetah (7:12) from the Kingdom of: Emeriti (7:12)
    Honor: Hey Jupiter (8:11) from the Kingdom of: Atlas x Swea Vs The World (8:11)

    Scientist names added at the conclusion of this age are still ToBeDetermined!
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    Congrats to winners but i cant see Simians. Look like its still no time for me to return :)
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