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    As I wandered the battlefields in search of the largest and most powerful kingdom in the World Of Legends I came upon ancient ruins which had seemingly been abandoned for many ages. Bone and viscera were pilled high in many places and the air was full of carbon and ash. This could only mean one thing, dragons, long standing myths and legends of great dragon warriors persist throughout the world of legends. According to legend the kingdom I was seeking had accumulated so many crowns over the ages that their love for the gold trinkets turned them all to dragons who now roam free of their mortal bounds. Emanating from deep within the darkness of the ruins a low pitched growl with the faint hint of a voice spoke out to me, "Enter, if you dare wolf... and maybe I will share my story with you...". Knowing I could not run or hide I entered the ruins, pitch black inside my night vision adjusts as my eyes begin to glow shades of green and gold, I see movement at the end of what appears to be a great hall filled with statues of great warriors of ages past. One I recognized as one of my travelling companions from ages past who now travels the world on his own, I remember the good times we shared. "Come wolf, I have not much time, the next age is dawning and soon I will be recalled to our great fortress build from skulls and crowns in preparation for world domination." Just then he transformed to a more human form he hid in the darkest of shadows such that all I could make out was a silhouette it seemed as if he was cloaked by dark magic, certainly he may have indeed been older than the world of legends itself as were all the dragons of Emeriti. He stepped closer and reached out to allow me to smell what only seemed to be a shadow with no actual substance... was this creature of pure magic, or just my senses playing games with me? Suddenly a gust of wind emanating from the darkest corner of the hall cleared the air, a great wing span was briefly visible before settling back into the darkest of shadows. This entity was a projection of the dragons mind, a feat of great magic only the most powerful magic users are capable. The shadow placed its hand on my head and instantly I was frozen in time and the room around me vanished - images and sounds flashed through my mind as if I was reliving memories of the age past.

    Kingdom and Position?

    How would you rate you overall experience this age?
    It was a relaxed age with a surprising war from SWEA. Thank you SWEA for being the only interesting part of the age.

    What impacted your experience the most?
    Watching Dorje intra LL was impactful. It showed me, after 15 years, we are all human.

    What was your strategy for your attackers?
    What attackers? We had heretics who could also hit. I don’t think I trained anything other than OSpecs all age. We hit whoever we could knowingly that if they gave hostile we would LL far more than they could ever take. Some have hostile, they regretted it.

    What was your strategy for your TMs?
    Get a healthy wpa and get ops. Once we had Ops we couldn't be touched.

    What was your strategy for your hybrids?
    Train o specs and get land. Repeat.

    What was your favorite ritual and dragon combination for war?
    We didn’t really have one because we couldn’t war.

    How many wars did you have and how did your setup work well for you?
    1, thanks again for that SWEA. It wasn’t a close fight. SWEA just has big balls and both kds were happy to have some fun. Personally I think the war may have helped relations between the kds.
    Our DE/Heretics were able to run ops as well as break all war. We were limited by generals more than anything.

    Was it your plan to go for the networth and land crown since the start of the age?
    We are Emeriti. We play to crown. If we aren’t going for a crown, we arent logging in.

    Is there something you would change about UTOPIA? Lots of things.
    That is a conversation Dorje needs to have with David though. There are great ideas there someone just needs to extend the olive branch.

    Would you like to say something to your kingdom?
    Without giving away our entire roster…Dorje, you’re the MJ of Utopia, it is a pleasure watching you work. Binar, put a ring in it. To the rest of you, if you play in Em, you know me. Thank you for letting me coast to another crown.

    Do you have any advice for the community?
    Because we are mostly adults now, find a spouse who can tolerate you having a boring text only turn based strategy game and you will be happy. My wife offers to drive when I tell her I have to attack.

    Any Final Thoughts?
    Soccer isn’t fun, a medium steak is over cooked, and Jeffrey Epstine didn’t kill himself. And thanks again to the MVP of Emeriti, Grant.

    Suddenly the world faded to black and I was back in the ruins, I could sense that the dragon master was no longer with me, he had departed and as I left the ruins I heard faint whispers on the wind that spoke to me, the said.


    Thank you Emeriti for an awesome display of power this age, have a great age 92!
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