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Thread: Double hostiles: new meta!!!!

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    Double hostiles: new meta!!!!

    Apparently the new meta is to wait for a kd to wave another kd, then wave that kd. When did double hostiling become the new meta? Am I just behind the times?

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    Absalom law died with Absalom. Welcome to the apocalypse, nub.
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    Quote Originally Posted by octobrev View Post
    Absalom law died with Absalom. Welcome to the apocalypse, nub.
    But that is classic abs strategy. Wait until your target sends all their armies out on a wave, and claim their hostile isn't active because there have been no hits for two hours.

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    This is caused by either being in range and not taking buttons, or else just bad luck. Getting waved by a kingdom that's at or above the networth range for war happens all the time, and is annoying enough on its own. Like, obviously we're not going to push a button (if we even can) into massive incoming and huge land/military advantage. But I've never seen someone actively watch for a target to get waved first so they can wave on top of it. I'm sure it happens, but I'm skeptical it's really a "meta."

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