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Thread: Suggestion: True Race vs Hybrids

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    Suggestion: True Race vs Hybrids

    I just saw the game rankings for race.... but woah... literally undead makes up ~50% of the entire server in either true, primary or sub pick, and the rest is mostly T/M pick... if you think about it it means the undead is hands down the best pick as a sub-race pick vs all other attacking choices.
    From a players perspective its interesting age akin to the day of the dead age (hurray Halloween) but on design side it means the hybrids is overpowered.

    So anyways I suggest to either give True Race a special ability/bonus OR give Hybrid a reduced version of the race or a flaw for the ability to "cherry pick", (in a way it is similar to DnD depending on which way your thinking for Class & race).

    Just pointing out the fact and giving out an idea... not too sure how your going to do it or if you agree with me or not.
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    True blood does get Town Watch, but maybe that spell needs to be strengthened. Would be interesting to give True Blood a 5% BE bonus and mixed race a 5% pop bonus or something like that.

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    I tought about this as well, and I think I have the right suggestion to balance things:

    The greatest burden a True blooded race has, it's is non-ability to access the spells from another race.
    So to balance things, instead of strenghtening True races by any other means, would be to STRENGHTEN one of their own spells available

    My suggestion would be:

    True Avian: Enhanced Clear sight (40% instead of 25%)
    True Dark Elf: Enhanced Nightmare (+15% damage)
    True Dryad: support spells -1 mana
    True Dwarf: Enhanced Mist (also add's fog increase attack time by 10% but must be shown in calculator)
    True Elf: Meteor Shower also destroy portion of buildings every 3 ticks (like dragon)
    True Faery: Enhanced Mages Fury (from -20%/+20% Magic effectiveness to -0%/+40%)
    True Gnome: Enhanced quick feet (from -15% to -25% attack speed)
    True Halfling: Enhanced Reflect Magic (can't be dispelled)
    True Human: Enhanced Hero's Inspiration stacks with Inspire army
    True Orc: Enhanced Mystic Aura is recasted for free at each tick
    True Undead: Enhanced Ghost worker always active in war

    P.s. you can give town watch to a race, in my opinion a very weak spell anyway and no real bonus for True blooded race
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