Attacker is Avian Undead. Defender is Dryad undead.

As per SOM, Dryad sent 2746 elites on the hit on the Avian (after taking into account the dead troops). Dryad Undead has elite values 14/4. Hence, total defense value for ambush should be 2746 * 4 * 0.8 = 8787.2.

Avian Undead sent 408 griffins and 261 drakes on the ambush. This raw offense comes out to 408*12 + 261*15 = 4896 + 3915 = 8811

As per the above formula, ambush should have been successful and yet it failed. This is not the first time I've seen ambush failing this age despite entering higher offensive numbers as per both munk calculated values and as per raw values calculated by hand. There seems to be a bug with ambush calculations this age. And yes, I've checked the whole war spoils, most recent hit, anonymity, etc. stuff before posting this.

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