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Thread: The First Great Utopian War - Age Details

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    The First Great Utopian War - Age Details

    The First Great Utopian War is here at long last!

    This round is based on World of Legends Age 95 base code with some additional changes to make it unique from WoL. Some of these changes include (mostly) how the Genesis server is generally operated. See below to get a better understanding of what to expect during this round.

    I will create a schedule for when all wars throughout the age will occur so everyone knows ahead of time.
    Once the age has started I will create a tournament style bracket which will determine the pairings for war partners. Note, the future round pairings are not final and may change due to ties or other reasons.
    Be sure to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this post!

    Please take a read through the mechanics changes so you're aware of some of the unique features.

    This color indicates a new change for the current Round

    Also be sure to look at the Race & Personality changes as they can be significantly different than World of Legends

    Planned Schedule for the Round
    Age Start: 2/20/2022 @ 12:00 GMT
    Age End: TBD

    Tick Length will be 30 minutes.

    Important things to know about Genesis for this age:
    • You can utilize UtopiaBot for free in your Discord server on Genesis (Monarch just needs to set it up!)
    • Mentoring of other provinces on GUW will be 8 hours every 12 hours (instead of 4 hours every 24 hours like on WoL)
    • No free invites are available
    • No paid invites are available
    • You are able to use Sitting credits
    • To prevent abuse, there is a 36 hour waiting period when creating new provinces

    Important variances from WoL to note
    • Birth Rates are double
    • Wizard generation is tripled (.06 per guild instead of .02)
    • Draft Rates increased by 50%
    • Provinces will abandon after 1 day of inactivity
    • Income per job is 4.5 gc
    • Elite wages reduced are 1.5 gc each
    • Income per prisoner is 1.5
    • Universities are NOT available this age
    • Amnesia is NOT available
    • Intra-Kingdom attacks will deal significantly more damage (double) and remove a minimum 50 acres
    • Ambush will target only the land that was lost, not what the attacker received (due to acre generation)
    • MAP (Multi-Attack Protection) awarded for attacks is reduced by 50% from that seen on WoL
    • Stealth and Mana recovery is doubled (any race or personality mods will be doubled; for example base is 3% per tick which is now 6%, if a race mod says +2% per tick this will also be doubled meaning 4%, therefore a race which states +2% per tick will receive 3% base plus 2% = 5% => doubled to 10%)
    • Base gains for a Traditional March increased from 12% to 15%
    • Max Gains cap is 25% (up from 20% on WoL)
    • Massacre damage to wizards has been significantly increased
    • Base science book production is 300 / tick
    • Scientist generation rate is 3% per tick
    • Tree of Gold will have the same Rune cost & difficulty as Paradise
    • Starting scientists is 10
    • Nightmare will put troops into training for 4 ticks, reduced from 8
    • War attack speed reduction ramp time has been reduced to 7 ticks
    • Crystal Ball mana cost will always be 1% (instead of 2%)
    • Explore/Build Time/Train Time/Army Attack times are all 50% of normal (WoL)
    • Acres are generated on Traditional Marches in war (5%)
    • War minimum duration is 18 ticks (OOR wars: 8 ticks)
    • If wars have not concluded after 24 ticks, the war will be evaluated and a winner determined awarding the win to the deserving Kingdom, or if no winner can be determined a Mutual Peace (tie) awarded.
    • War auto-surrender will occur at 14 ticks
    • There is a variable amount of ticks for Pre-War Ceasefire that will occur when Kingdoms enter war before war will commence as normal. This will allow Kingdoms to gather intel and prepare for their next opponent.
    • Kingdom Size is 8
    • Attacks into or out of war are not allowed
    • War auto-surrender will occur if the opponent reaches 65% your own networth
    • Explore costs for Kingdoms with less than 4 Provinces are significantly increased
    • Only 3 provinces can be in Vacation Mode
    • Defect will not be available during war
    • Assassinate Wizards has been renamed to Subdue Wizards
    • Subdue Wizards will reduce the strength of wizards, similar to the way Amnesia works with science. Wizard Strength will be restored to 100% upon entering EoWCF
    • Wizard strength is regained by 1.5% per tick over time while out of war
    • Subdue Wizards displays how much strength has been removed from the enemy on each operation
    • Infiltrate will show enemy wizard strength if it is below 100%
    • Expose Thieves can not reduce stealth below 25%
    • No land is awarded to war winners
    • No Science is awarded to war winners
    • Upon entering EoWCF all provinces will have instant peasant growth to maximum population
    • All kingdoms will be NAPed with all other kingdoms at all times
    • Game Operators will handle the getting into war for each pair each round
    • Just like a tournament bracket, winners will pair against winners and losers will pair against other losers
    • Explore duration is 1 tick
    • Explore pool is empty for everyone with no growth
    • Aiding explore pool acres will have a tax of 0%
    • Explore pools will be emptied at the start of actual war (not Pre-War CeaseFire)
    • At the conclusion of each round all provinces will be provided barren land to stimulate growth throughout the round and even out all province sizes
    • Additionally, all provinces will be given a certain amount of explore pool land, the aid tax on explore pool land will be 0% (removed). To allow kingdom customization of your provinces size distribution

    Ritual Info
    • Minimum casts required: 35
    • 100% Efficiency casts: 50
    • Rituals can be destroyed after 12 ticks
    • Abolish Ritual only requires 20 casts
    • Ritual will activate automatically in 36 ticks
    • Duration is 60 ticks
    • Overcasting will grant much larger effects than in WoL
    • Reduced Self Spell Mana Cost will NOT reduce mana cost for ritual

    Ritual Types (Stats listed here are considered 'base effectiveness' @ 100%)
    • Affluent: +20% Income, +25% Draft Speed, +25% Birth Rate
    • Barrier: -20% Damage from Enemy Instant Magic & Thievery Operations
    • Expedient: -20% Military Training Time, -25% Training Costs, -20% Construction Time, -25% Construction Costs
    • Expropriation +20% Honor Gains in Combat, +20% Credits gained in Combat, +20% Enemy Military Casualties
    • Godspeed: -10% Attack Time, +10% Combat Gains
    • Stalwart: +10% Defensive Military Efficiency and decrease Military Casualties by 20%
    • Havoc: +30% Offensive WPA & TPA
    • Onslaught: Increases Offensive Military Efficiency (OME) by 10% and -20% Military Wages

    Support Spell List
    • Wrathful Smite
    • Fanaticism
    • Divine Shield
    • Minor Protection
    • Greater Protection
    • Fertile Lands
    • Magic Shield
    • Nature's Blessing
    • Love and Peace
    • Builder's Boon
    • Inspire Army
    • Patriotism
    • Illuminate Shadows
    • Hero's Inspiration
    • Scientific Insight

    Initial Province Stats
    • Acres: 1200
    • Soldiers: 8000
    • Spec Credits: 8000
    • Thieves: 1500
    • Wizards: 1500
    • Peasants: 9000
    • GC: 900,000
    • Honor: 2500

    Great Utopian War - War Schedule
    War 1 start 7:00 PM GMT Sunday
    War 2 start 11:00 AM GMT Tuesday
    War 3 start 11:00 PM GMT Wednesday
    War 4 start 5:00 PM GMT Friday
    War 5 start 11:00 AM GMT Sunday
    War 6 start 11:00 PM GMT Monday
    War 7 start 11:00 AM GMT Wednesday

    Race and Personality details are available to check in-game

    Have fun!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: In the case of MP, how are they placed when neither was declared a winner or loser?
    A: If there are no other ties that occur in that round to pair against then it will be chosen at random

    Q: Could we get some criteria for how these decisions will be made: "If wars have not concluded after 24 ticks, the war will be evaluated and a winner determined awarding the win to the deserving Kingdom, or if no winner can be determined a Mutual Peace (tie) awarded."
    A: It would be most fair to all competitors if exact criteria is not provided. Thus it promotes both kingdoms to continue striving for a victory in the normal course of war.

    Q: Wouldn't it be even more fair if everyone knows the criteria?
    A: No, it would promote kingdoms attempting to skew to the criteria of evaluation specifically rather than trying to win the war.

    Q: Doesn't changes council know more than me, a regular pleb?
    A: No, the council does not know more than others. The changes council creates age change details such as race and personality details and provides input on mechanics. However, all information the changes council is provided is always also provided to the community in the forums post regarding the age. Public information will always be available to all public. Just like, for example, the war win score formula is unknown to the public, while council may have input on how it should work, if the actual formula is unknown to the public then it is also unknown to any other group, including changes council.

    Q: What will happen when you won your war before all other conclude?
    A: Wars will begin on a schedule, there will be ample time for all kingdoms to prepare whether the previous round war ends at minimum time or ended by Game Operators.

    Q: Will the war freeze after 24 ticks?
    A: No, wars may end by Game Operators any time after 24 ticks. The unknown of when exactly this will occur should incentivize kingdoms to continue fighting for a win and not make unorthodox final attempts to skew war stats as the war nears an end.

    Q: Is there a chance you'll get busy at work and a war could go on for days?
    A: No.

    Q: What will be done about inactives?
    A: Inactives will be killed and remaining provinces merged to make full Kingdoms

    Q: How are you going to decide who's inactive when you cull today?
    A: A simple activity check to determine if a province has actively attempted to communicate with their Kingdom and plans to play during the round will be performed. We want active players and Kingdoms competing and this requires at least checking in with your Kingdom members within a time frame prior to age start.

    Q: What happens if I am pruned as inactive by mistake?
    A: You will be allowed a chance to play a province in a new Kingdom. If you were removed from your original Kingdom, you likely did not meet the criteria for the simple activity check and thus were likely not really "part" of your original Kingdom. Get to know your new Kingdom when you create your new province!

    Q: Will winners only continue to war or do losers get matched as well?
    A: Every kingdom will war every round and be matched with a kingdom of equal (or as close to equal as possible) win/loss ratio.

    Q: What will happen if we have an odd number of Kingdoms?
    A: One random kingdom will sit out

    Q: Will EoWCF be shorter than normal? Will there be one war per day type scenario with 18-24 ticks of war and 24-30 ticks of EoWCF?
    A: There will be at least 48 ticks between wars so that every kingdom has at least a real EoWCF duration, the schedule will give you a better idea of what to expect.

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    Moved some details to a more appropriate place in the post (no changes) (2/19/22 @ 18:07)
    Add war schedule (2/19/22 @ 23:47)
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