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Thread: Reasons To Swipe Left is recruiting

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    Reasons To Swipe Left is recruiting

    Reasons To Swipe Left is looking for an active player to take over a true blood orc prov.

    A newly formed warring KD of this age consisting of people who have played with each other in the past. So far throughout the age we've been in top 10 land/nw ranks.

    We strive for a community where everyone can make their voice heard and be part of the KD decisions. We also try to allow as much freedom as possible while making sure that we can compete in wars.

    We have a lot of players who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience so don't be afraid to apply if you're new or a returning player! We accept anyone who are willing to put in the time and effort to make our KD a better place. We will consider filling up the last 2 spots if we find the right people.

    We have an active Discord with people who enjoy playing and chatting with each other.

    To apply contact Proceed#1324 or Shaniza#3817 at discord.
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