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Apparently, they've stated they will never lower kd size, which is just more evidence of how bad they are at running the game. A blanket definitive statement like that is poor management on all levels.

Adding my thoughts: It should be dropped to 20 at a minimum. Some consideration should even be given to 15.
Problems with super kingdoms 25 in size, a sub 20 prov kingdom can barely even war it which leads to the lack of warring in the upper range of the spectrum, and any kingdom that is smaller by more than 6-7player will tend to just look the other way even if similar NW, and if the bigger kingdom waves the smaller prov kingdom and expect a war hahah good luck.

Na 15max is bad being you have to purge inactives or someone going astray for some reason from their own life, that can get you down to 10 players which is a bit short and super hard to cast the dumb ritual. Need at least 15 to have a good ritual casting.

From what I had been seeing (being I random just for fun), most kingdoms that is long running a "core" of at least 10-15ish guys, just filling 5 or less players allows them close to 15-20 which is pretty good.