Feb 7, YR1

Inquisitorial Report to the Lord of the Keep

The subject in question, Archibald Stonespear, disappeared with almost no trace from his post on the evening of July 16 YR0 leaving the main gate completely un watched save the lookouts on the towers. The towers however are very high and in bad weather conditions it can be difficult to see the sentries on the wall. The two guards stationed behind the main gate also do not report seeing anything strange, only that they remember waving to our missing guard when he arrived for his shift on the wall.

Upon further investigation I had hunters dispatched to try and track our man down, oddly enough they found a strangely colored egg. They said that when they picked it up it cracked in half and a book appeared, the last entry was most disturbing.

Archibald Stonespears’ personal log

July 16 YR0

“Reporting for night duty on the wall of the castle today, mostly uneventful but everyone seemed a bit dazed if not confused like they are all stuck in a haze. Not me! I am always in tip top shape!”

Several hours later

“I have not seen the other guards, it seems like everyone is taking a nap right now, looks like I have to look after the castle by myself. Hahaha, take that you pesky dark elves, and that you dirty orcs! Anyway, when you have the best guard in the castle on duty, sure everyone else can rest safe!”
What felt like 12 hours later

“Strange, still no sign of the other guards and based on how many seconds I have counted the sun should be up and my shift on this wall over…” what kind of dark magic is this! I thought. Dashing to the tower at either side the doors are locked and no key I have will open them at this time. Looking up the tower is covered by fog and so is the ground. Only the tree line is visible, wait there is someone out there, So I yelled. “HELLO!!!!! WHO GOES THERE???” The distant figure appeared to be waving as if they needed assistance, never yelling back but waving the torch as if gesturing to me to go to them. Hero of the Kingdom, coming to save you I thought, but was it my thought or another's? Just thinking that made my head hurt. Nearing the tree line now I am not even sure how I got down the wall I ran into a peculiar looking egg that was painted and sitting behind the bush. Looking back at the castle the fog had vanished and seemed to have retreated to the forest where I had just come to. I had no time to think, the torch was closer than ever now I must see who is playing these silly games with me! I continued to find egg after egg until I needed a basket to carry them. This is getting to be a bit much, “Hey you! I am tired of following you and I still can not see you because this forest is so dark and the fog so thick!” The forest lurched and the trees themselves felt like they were being strangled, there was no life here, no fresh air. The figure finally replied but sounded distorted and high pitched, “ HHH HELL PP MY FATHER, HHH SSS TRAPPED!” the figure beckoned with the torch and disappeared behind a giant boulder. I am not sure if it was greed, or exhaustion but I was still carrying these eggs.

The writing changes at this point, almost as if it was written by another

Took some time to rest record these notes because I fear now I may never be seen again, whether it was my foolish pride or overzealous wanton need to save the kingdom this could be my final watch. I have not seen the figure or the torch for some time now but I fear I am now lost in the forest, nothing seems the same as if it keeps changing around me. Through the fog, five torches in a circle with a basket in the center come into sight. “Well is this not perfect?” I said, “somewhere to put these eggs, as it is clear someone has lost them!” After placing the eggs in the basket they all began to glow while a fierce wind snuffed out the torches and a rift opened to another world silencing all noise like a big black oval it sucked all the light and nothing seemed to come from it. Naturally I felt compelled to step in and adventure this strange place as my reward must surely be here, it is so dark and foul smelling here. The sky and the world was bathed in a purple twilight and everything seemed strange. Taking a few steps forward I did not realize I was on a small cliff and I tumbled all the way down without looking, “blasted, what the!” I yelled looking up at the rift, I could see my world through it though at night still nothing could be as dark as this strange place I have discovered. A white rabbit was watching me from the top of a mound, so far the only living thing I had seen even on my side of the rift, it began to run, so naturally I chased it! “Come here little buddy!” I called out to the rabbit just as it dove into a hole in the ground. It was already too late, I was in the rabbit hole. “Ooooooof…. What the heck was I thinking, it is time to get out of here”

A raspy voice replied, “You have only just arrived my great hero of the kingdom, why not stay a while. Drink and regale with heroes of the age past!” Blue torches lit up the room and the rabbit was sitting in the center of the table just watching me. The voice speaking was not the rabbit but a disguised figure sitting in a stone chair. “Have a seat great hero and tell us of your great deeds…” coughing and cackling the voice implored me. I sat and suddenly the table was filled with ghasts and ghouls not meant for the mortal, disfigured by plague and mysterious illness that wreaked havoc on the World of Legends. Beer mugs on the table were filled with blood, guts and the viscera of all the races. They all laughed, I began to choke, standing from my seat the voice called me again, “Great Hero! SIT DOWN, We have not heard your storiesssssss…” The voice crackled, and faded in and out it slammed the tables with its fists and I was surrounded by the UNDEAD. “OH NO! THEY PLAGUE HAS RETURNED, SOUND THE ALARM!!!!!” I yelled so loud the ceiling caved in all around the table crushing all the undead leaving me a clear run for the rift. It was still visible even in this purple hell, three purple suns was too many for me! Just as I got to the rift I saw the white rabbit taking the eggs out of the basket and the rift was gone in a flash of energy. Falling to my knees I knew I had to accept my fate, I could sense infinite eyes watching me and the voice returned, this time more metallic and rusty. “Great Hero, tell ussss how you saved the kingdom???” The still air crackled with negative energy, I could feel my life force being drained. Turning I could see the undead in all directions, as far as I could see they all stood watching me as the hooded figure came closer, it had no legs or arms, it was a phantom in a mage’s robe. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” My voice came out weak and soft, looking at my hands I was now frail and withered like a man on his deathbed. My armor and spear was too heavy now, I dropped to the ground and my life flashed before my eyes before the cold darkness took me.

“Great Hero of the Kingdom indeed, I will share your story as nothing can stop the coming tide of darkness in the World Of Legends.” The book was sealed by magic and thrown through the rift into the mortal world by the phantom to be found by the living.