Part 1

AGE 96

The Eternal Rift - YEAR 2

May 7 YR2

All was quiet in the World of Legends, only a select few who stumbled into minor rifts that began to open in the world which allowed the undead to influence the living. The common folk were not startled easily and quickly dismissed the return of the undead as the ramblings of mad utopians. Little did they know that many heroes had already perished attempting to prevent the “The Eternal Rift” from opening and quickly ensuring that all the familiars of the undead had been slain and accounted for to prevent the poisoning of minds and protect the worlds heroes from the traps set out by them. It was already too late, the world was sick and the plague was on its way again. A pivotal battle will take place that will solidify the undead position in the World of Legends once again!

High atop the peak on the spine of the world, a secret guild of necromancers gathered to perform the final grand spell on the World of Legends to bring forth the tide of darkness, the undead. A great storm enveloped the peaks of the mountains and blizzards surrounded the base in what seemed like a perfect storm. Thunder and lighting lit up the world of legends to the very edge of the world, the darkest of clouds blotted out the sun and darkness filled the lands. From the mountain a dark mist, blacker than coal began to consume the land. Flora and fauna died instantly as if it were some lethal gas. The land began to change and something else began to grow on the land, the dead fauna grew fangs and hollow red eyes and raised from their slumber in anger.

High atop the mountain a band of heroes attempts to stop the necromancers before they can open the The Eternal Rift. Only recently formed and made up of humans, elves, dwarves, and a lone gnome they seek to prevent the end of the world. It was fated that this time would come, this band of merry mortals had no idea the pain and suffering they would endure in the coming days. In the shadow world the undead prepared unlimited armies to invade the mortal world once again, while the mortals waged wars and slew each other the undead numbers grew every minute!