It has been a hell of a ride but it is time to disband from the game but the friendship we have will last for a long time. We will arrange age of empires games on Tuesday and keep the chit chat alive. But we will never come back to this disappointing game. It has been managed to badly that words can't describe it. As owner DavidC you should be ashamed of yourself. You have been talking about an app for years and still not released and so many have left since then and now you lose another 21 players because of your idiotic decisions ingame.

SWEA decided that we will not have any rules this age. If we hit into war or eowcf we will. We wanted since many years this to end but you say war is just a stance which means it is ok to hit into wars. Community should act. Yes we did hit into wars, but we hit Shya:s kd that last age hit into eowcf and wars. They cried nothing happened. But devs love of golden boys of emeriti, where they buy gold status for kd wide and ****loads of sitting credits I assume, we bounce down their big bank and you delete half the SWEA kd? Astonishing. You know Emeriti hit into wars too, this is our way of getting back on them for what they did in the past. Now people will say it isn't emeriti but when 30% of the kd is emeriti players and leadership then don't hide, you should have gotten what you deserved. Instead devs delete SWEA and then goes in game to accept a full CF with Emeriti. Devs say they never act ingame but in this case they went in and took control and forced a 3 month CF with Emeriti. You ban me and the stewards until November from the game because we hit into war? Or what you call griefing. Fluffylicious been hitting into wars for ages and never got actioned. We get deletions and suspensions. You have been treated SWEA like garbage and not been fair. You gave emeriti crown when we did nothing wrong. This was confirmed by you. You deleted us when we got hit into war because we didn't want to war anymore and stopped hitting cause war was lost. you didn't action the kd that razed kill us in war.

Of course we are fed up now and will leave the game forever. It is not much we are leaving to be honest. With these devs the game is dieing at such a fast rate. I want to thank all my SWEAlings. It has been a blast and I hope we keep the soicializing up to par and not let it slide. The game brought us together but now we are friends. I never thought I would buy my house with the help of a realtor I met in Utopia. Or to get financial advices of how to setup my private funds to a bankman I met in utopia. Or that my dentist would be an utopian friend (thanks for the discount loose). All the help I have gotten privately regarding my house and so on. It is a special group and I apologies on the behalf of these ridicilous owners to all of you in SWEA on how unfair you have been treated since playing with me. I don't know if it is my old reputation that caused this but we all know that we haven't cheated with anything since we started playing together in 2016, still I think we have been accused and deleted the most a kd have been deleted since 2016. This just shows how we been treated. I know we been reinstated everytime (except this time) but still the devs did the damage by deleting us and ruined our reputation in the public eyes. Writing in PM and saying sassy wolfie has no clue doesn't help cleaning our name but we atleast know.

I wish you all the best who are still playing. We may have not met eye to an eye but I thank you for the wars and some joy we get from the game and it was the whole community who made it possible for me to meet these wonderful people in SWEA. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe!

Best Regards
Mansoor Chaudhry
on behalf of Swedish Warlords Epic Allaince