Hi - looks like the forums aren't used much nowadays, but after a few fails at in-game recruitment, I decided to try this way instead.

About Me:
Very active, hit twice a day OOW, same in-war.
UK based - GMT +0.
Happy to discuss wave times as needed, prefer not to set alarms and would rather just manage attacks better, but can be flexible.
36 years old, been playing since Swirve but rusty when it comes to more recent mechanic changes.
I generally sleep between Uto 5th and Uto 11th. So ideally your KD wave time would be outside of these times.

Looking for:
Structured KD, coordination, min 15-16 on at wave times.
A kingdom of people who want to win, and who care if they lose - who then deep dive and tweak strats to learn from losses.
Minimum 5 wars per age.
A KD who deal with slackers, failing to hit in-war etc is not tolerated even by the longest-standing KD member.
Leadership who listen and support.

If I sound like a fit for your KD please let me know by replying to this thread! Thank you.