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Thread: Congratulations to the Age 101 Winners!

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    Congratulations to the Age 101 Winners!

    Congratulations to the winning Kingdoms and Provinces of Age 101!

    Thank you to all who played in this round, we hope you enjoyed the age and will compete with us again next age!

    And here are the winners of this past age!

    Kingdom Winners
    Land: L E G A C Y (7:7)
    Networth: L E G A C Y (7:7)
    Honor: Hayyie x MOA x Screwup (7:8)
    War Wins: Warbirds Birds at War (2:2)*

    *Due to a tie in the ranking system in-game a determination was made for Warbirds Birds at War (2:2) to win the Crown for War Wins in Age 101 based on the strength of opponents by each Kingdom. Several metrics were reviewed to ensure the correct winner was determined and all metrics pointed to Warbirds Birds at War (2:2). Warbirds Birds at War (2:2) won 6 total wars, 5 of which were against Kingdoms that had winning records while their challenger fought only 4 Kingdoms with winning records. Warbirds Birds at War (2:2) opponents had collected a total of 22 war victories vs 16 for their challenger. Additionally, Warbirds Birds at War (2:2) opponents ranked higher overall in the charts. Warbirds Birds at War (2:2) also ranked higher in every other ranking (Networth/Land/Honor).

    Province Winners
    Land: Sentences and (7:7) from the Kingdom of: L E G A C Y (7:7)
    Networth: Sentences and (7:7) from the Kingdom of: L E G A C Y (7:7)
    Honor: Arugula (2:2) from the Kingdom of: Warbirds Birds at War (2:2)

    Scientist names added at the conclusion of this age are:
    7:7 Nominated: Skraz, Ghetto Vets
    7:8 Nominated: Jackmanz
    2:2 Nominated: Jared
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    Good age, but a special congratulations to Dread for finally getting a prov land crown
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