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Thread: Ingame Forum Bugged in Chrome

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    Ingame Forum Bugged in Chrome

    Steward is unable to Sticky, Close, or Delete threads in any of the ingame forums using Chrome Version 121.0.6167.161. Upon clicking the button, the forum frame blinks to "loading form...", then returns to the forum with no effect.

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    Same problem with Firefox 122.0.1. The Edge browser works perfectly.

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    I have problem with the pages in the game:
    - in War room - the page not show target defense and points og my offence /with this a can`t calculate my attacks/
    - in Military - the butons MAX and Tarin troops nott work
    - no matter what page of the Menu i used - always have buton "End conversa" /the text is not full/. when i klick the button receive this message "HTTP ERROR 405"

    I tried:
    - restart my PS - not help
    - log off and relogin - not help
    - deinstall Google chrome and install it again - not help
    - used Goodle Edje as browser - not help
    - used my phone to enter in the game - not help. The same problem

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