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Thread: WarSeeKers recruiting

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    WarSeeKers recruiting

    WarSeekers is a kd formed @ age 50. We are now back and searching for new players.

    What do we ask from you:
    - army in/out in war and more logins/day.
    - whatsaap or discord (our main chain is on whatsaap but few are on discord aswell)
    - be a teamplay player who can follow some simple rulles and be friendlly with the others
    - Game knowllege is not so important: we can easilly teach who wants to be teached.

    What we offer:
    - a warring kingdom with good experience
    - a "familly" in utopia with nice decent people.
    - we know that RL is more important so waking up in the midlle of the night for attacking is not a must. Just play smart , ask for sit or mentor and stay fresh ;)

    You can contact me by PM or cRs#9352 on discord.


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    uau. thank you for allowing me to be part of this super kd. cant wait for other to join. you wont regret it ! gogo wsk !

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