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Thread: Age 58 final changes

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    Age 58 final changes

    Here are the final changes for Age 58. As mentioned in the proposed changes thread we are focusing on usability features such as intel storage and target finding as well as preparing infrastructure for future features. As well as some race/personality changes we will be revising further the exploring structure of the game and reworking the war win chart calculation. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, you can provide more comments here.

    End of Age 57: Tuesday 4th June, 12.00 GMT
    Start of Age 58 Freeze: Tuesday 4th June, 18.00 GMT
    Start of Age 58 Protection: Friday 7th June, 18.00 GMT
    End of Age 58 Protection: Monday 10th June, 18.00 GMT

    Race (see previous info by clicking "show text")

    -30% attack time
    +25% Sabotage damage

    -25% birth rate
    No Access to Stables

    Town Watch, Vermin, Mystic Aura
    Elite: 6/3, 650gc, 5.25NW

    +25% Building Efficiency
    Free Building Construction
    Can use credits to raze buildings
    +20% Spell Damage (Instant Spells)

    +50% Food Consumption
    Can't use Accelerated Construction

    Fanaticism, Fools Gold, Quick Feet
    Elite: 6/2, 600gc, 5NW

    +1 Mana Recovery in war
    +50% WPA
    +1 defence specialist strength

    Pitfalls, Mages Fury, Amnesia, Nightmare
    Elite: 5/3, 650gc, 4.75NW

    +20% Spell Damage (Instant Spells)
    +20% Sabotage damage
    +10% TPA
    +10% WPA

    -3 generals
    -50% effects from honor

    Access to All Racial Spells
    Elite: 3/6, 1000gc, 6NW

    +50% TPA
    +1 stealth
    -50% thief cost

    -15% Attack Gains

    Invisibility, Town Watch, Aggression, Animate Dead
    Soldiers: 2/2; Elite: 5/5, 500gc, 5.5NW

    +8% Population
    +30% Sabotage damage
    +30% Spell Damage (Instant Spells)
    +1 Offense specialist strength

    Tree of Gold, Fountain of Knowledge, War Spoils
    Elite: 4/4, 800gc, 4NW

    +30% Gains
    Earns Elite Credits

    -50% Combat Instant Spell Damage and Duration
    -50% Sabotage Damage

    Bloodlust, Fanaticism, Reflect Magic
    Elite: 7/1, 800gc, 5.75NW

    -50% Offensive losses on attacks you make
    Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
    Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
    No Food Required

    Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)
    -20% Science Effectiveness

    Greater Protection, Town Watch, Chastity, Clearsight
    Elite: 7/2, 1000gc, 6NW

    Personality Changes

    The Merchant
    +20% Income
    -50% Money Losses on Plunder Attacks
    Gain 40% more Specialist and Building Credits

    The Sage
    +25% Science effectiveness
    -20% cost of science
    -50% Losses on Learn Attacks

    The Rogue - no change
    +1 Stealth recovery per tick
    Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
    Thieves Dens are twice as effective (subject to DBE)

    The Mystic - no change
    Access to Meteor Showers
    All Guilds and Towers are twice as effective
    +30% Spell Duration (For Duration Spells Only)
    +1 mana per tick in War

    The Warrior
    +15% OME in war
    Reawaken 30% Casualties
    Enhanced Conquest range

    The Tactician - no change
    -15% Attack Time
    Immune to Ambush
    Accurate Espionage (in war)

    The Cleric
    -30% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
    +1 General

    The War Hero - no change
    +50% more bonuses from honor
    -50% train time
    Immune to Dragon effects
    Immune to The Plague

    Mechanic Changes

    Pool growth will be changed from 100 a tick to 50. Decay will be reduced to .25% per tick. In addition to the pool not decaying in war it will not decay if it is less than 10,000 acres.

    The explore formula curve will be modified so as to push out the curve. We will continue to utilise relative size to modify costs.

    The War Win chart formula will be updated to utilise your opponents war wins, as well as relative networth. <-- due to an issue this change has been rolled back and delayed until a future date (i.e next age).

    Usability features

    Intel Store
    We will add a Intel repository for players to store basic information on a province, such as defense and active ops on them with duration remaining. Intel will disappear after 24 hours unless its updated. You can see this information in a tab on the kingdom page of your enemy.

    Province target finder
    We will incorporate a province filter. Players can select all or particular races to view and the game will automatically display the 10 closest provinces both larger and smaller than your province. The data is collected from the games charts, which will now update every 2 hours. You can see this information in a tab on your war room.

    The target finder will not be online until all islands are visible.
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    Due to an issue we have had to revert to the original nw*ww formula for the war win chart. We will look to change this at a future date, most likely not until next age.
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