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Thread: Espionage tab improvements

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    Thumbs up Espionage tab improvements

    I really like the espionage tab, but it can be improved a lot more. Why not make it like all the other tools out there and just auto update self intel for your whole kingdom (or atleast give the option for the monarch to allow/disallow this).

    And then add in more information for enemy kingdoms (atleast when in hostile/war).

    This would really help out weaker kingdoms and close the gap a little between top kds and bad kds.
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    Indeed but hopefully without altering the look of the game too much ... the old raw game works fine as it is ... perhaps people are too dependant on add ons and allowing them to make the game seem like something that it is not ...

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    Another potential improvement would be like the old uto pimp, where the monarch can set xx spells/ops to be covered on provinces during war.

    It'd go a long way in helping the nubs not burn their mana doing MS on the chained provs or whatever.

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    A lot of the menus in the game need to be redesigned, this one included. There's no reason why you can't see all the relevant information on one tab. This could be fixed by just making the Espionage tab start with the exact same fields as the KD page tab, and add the espionage data.

    Another example is the science adviser, which hasn't done anything since books went away.

    Another another example is the Growth page. There's really no reason why it doesn't display the same BE information as internal council, and it could even display information about effectiveness next to the building numbers.

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    You could theoretically run this whole game from one page but i like the design of it as it enables you to traverse about your 'castle'...

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