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Thread: Elit I challenge you to a game of Chess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syntico View Post
    Elit add me on battlenet fam.
    Im in Europa server. In usa i have Mango and Octo in friend list but cant see them when im in EU server. Really sad. Im sure Mango is pro!
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    Elit why such ignore. Please respond. Still want to watch chess match! <3
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    Hi guys,

    I thought I would share with you my recent case study. I’ve spent around 200 hours researching so far and am fairly certain I have proof.

    1: Elit is an anagram of Lite
    2: Lite is a shortened version of Lite coin
    3: Lite coin has the word “Coin” in it, so does Bitcoin
    4: Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto... an until now unknown person or group
    5: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I put forward that Elit is actually Satoshi Nakamoto, creater of Bitcoin.

    I rest my case. Checkmate Elit, checkmate.

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