Genesis Round 136 is here!

This round uses all World of Legends Age 86 code with some additional Genesis specific changes to make Genesis a bit unique from WoL.

Please take a read through the mechanics changes so you're aware of some of the unique features.

This color indicates a new change for the current Round

Also be sure to look at the Race & Personality changes as they can be significantly different than World of Legends

Planned Schedule for the Round
Age Start: 6/09/2020 @ 12:00 GMT
Age End: 06/16/2020 @ 18:00 GMT

Tick Length will be 15 minutes.

Important things to know about Genesis for this age:
  • You can utilize UtopiaBot for free in your Discord server on Genesis (Monarch just needs to set it up!)
  • Invites (2) will be available
  • Random province creation has been increased to prevent creating at the same time and joining with Friends (that's what the free invites are for!)
  • Mentor DOES work on Genesis
  • Mentoring of other provinces on Genesis will be 4 hours every 12 hours (instead of 4 hours every 24 hours like it is on WoL)
  • You are able to use Sitting credits on Genesis
  • To prevent abuse, there is a 3 hour waiting period to creating new provinces

Important variances from WoL to note
  • Paradise will only take 50% of acres that it generates from your explore pool
  • Birth Rates are double
  • Wizard generation is double (.04 per guild instead of .02)
  • Draft Rates increased by 50%
  • Provinces will abandon after 1 day of inactivity
  • Income per job is 6 gc
  • Income per prisoner is 1.75
  • Intra-Kingdom attacks will deal significantly more damage (double) and remove a minimum 50 acres
  • Ambush will target only the land that was lost, not what the attacker received (due to acre generation)
  • MAP (Multi-Attack Protection) awarded for attacks is reduced by 50% from that seen on WoL
  • Stealth and Mana recovery is doubled (any race or personality mods will be doubled; for example base is 3% per tick which is now 6%, if a race mod says +2% per tick this will also be doubled meaning 4%, therefore a race which states +2% per tick will receive 3% base plus 2% = 5% => doubled to 10%)
  • Base Specialist strength is 12 points
  • Max Gains cap is 25% (up from 20% on WoL)
  • Base science book production is 400 / tick
  • Starting scientists is 15
  • Scientist generation rate is 5% per tick
  • Explore/Build Time/Train Time/Army Attack times are all 50% of normal (WoL)
  • Acres are generated on Traditional Marches (20%)
  • Acre generation is reduced in war (from 20% OOW to 10% In War)
  • War range and declare mechanics are identical to World of Legends (85% * you < you < you / .85)
  • Dragons WILL generate hostility points
  • War can be declared by either side when hostility points reach at least 45 on both meters
  • There is a new Dragon, Amethyst, which reduces science effectiveness by 25%. Cost Factor: 1.05, HP Factor: 2.7
  • Several text issues with Dragons also fixed or modified, no actual gameplay modification
  • War minimum duration is 20 ticks
  • War auto-surrender will occur at 12 ticks
  • War auto-surrender will occur if the opponent reaches 70% your own networth
  • At the conclusion of war (Surrender or Mutual Peace), all bad spells will be automatically removed
  • Kingdom Size is 5
  • End of War Cease-Fire is 60 ticks
  • Explore costs for Kingdoms with less than 5 Provinces are significantly increased
  • Kingdom Wall is available but increases Wages by 100%
  • Defecting removes 10% of your resources
  • Defect will not be available during war
  • Overpopulation which prevents attacks occurs at 130%
  • Thieves no longer function at 140% over max pop
  • Beginner Protection is 12 ticks (in and out of war)
  • Vacation Mode delay is 2 hours (in and out)
  • Only 3 provinces can be in Vacation Mode
  • Mentor does work
  • Elite casualties on defense are reduced slightly
  • Steal War Horses can be performed by all Races
  • Code has been implemented which should allow War Horses to be stolen as soon as an army returns home, without the need for getting a fresh SoM with the enemy army home (this has been a bug for a while, please test this and provide feedback to DavidC)
  • Science books will decay if you have more than 3500 books per acre (not while in war)
  • Science books will not be produced if you have less than 25 DPA at home (not while in war, or during beginner protection)

Ritual Info
  • Base casts required: 20
  • 100% Efficiency casts: 30
  • Overcasting will grant much larger effects than in WoL
  • Duration is 60 ticks
  • Abolish Ritual only requires 20 casts
  • Rituals can be destroyed after 16 ticks
  • Ritual will activate automatically in 36 ticks
  • Reduced Self Spell Mana Cost will NOT reduce mana cost for ritual
  • There is a new ritual, Benediction, which has base effects of +20 Building Efficiency, -25% Wages, +50% Birth Rate

Initial Province Stats
  • Acres: 1200
  • Soldiers: 16000
  • Spec Credits: 16000
  • Thieves: 1200
  • Wizards: 1200
  • Peasants: 8000
  • GC: 900,000
  • Honor: 2500

Should be able to check in-game

Should be able to check in-game

The Round should be open to join now(or shortly)!
Have fun